He’s 9 (1/2) months old!
He’s 30 inches long!
He weighs 25.6 pounds!
He’s in the 90-95 percentile for everything.
He’s doing something new everyday so I’m not going to type out everything he does, but one of the cutest things is that he says”mum” instead of saying “ma ma”.
He had a check up today and got his first flu shot, I’m going to brag a little because he didn’t even cry. Not even when they had to draw some blood!

This is like a really late opinion but anyways I love scary movies, even the crappy ones on Netflix. Idk but I don’t think the conjuring was as good as a lot of people make it seem. Some people have made it out to be like the best scary movie ever, but to me it just seemed like every other movie.

Following a bunch of people I should have already been following. Idk if I accidentally unfollowed everyone or what ugh sorry